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ESS Total solution

EON corporation as a SI company already has all technical solution for ESS.
Moreover, PCS and those technical solution is our core competitiveness.
With this benefit, we are developing value chain in all area.

Manufacturer EON
Name of Model MARCHE P [PCS, Hybrid, off-line]
Feature ·Control of battery charge/discharge
·Electricity control in both way between Battery and system
Manufacturer LG Energy Solution, Samsung SDI, KOKAM
Name of Model Li-ion battery
Feature ·Rack type system
·Easy to install and extend
Manufacturer TIS
Name of Model Smart EMS
Feature ·Power quality checking and real time control
·Load leveling, Peak shaving control
·Various operation mode(Auto/Manual)
·Efficiency analysis(Peak power saving, Benefit analysis)
Manufacturer EON
Name of Model PCSMon
Feature ·Control PCS & Battery
·Self-action In case of communication abort

Provision of the best customized solution using previous installation experience of UPS and ESS

Extraction of necessary specification with Power usage analysis

Case1. Pan-gyo Creative Economy Valley

500kW PCS 4ea / Li-ion battery 2.2MWh

Case2. Ulsan UNIST

250kW PCS 2ea / Li-ion battery 500KWh 2ea